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Active Substance: Mesterolone

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Proviron with the active substance Mesterolone belongs to hormonal drugs that exhibit moderate androgenic activity and contribute to a noticeable increase in erectile function. Representatives of strength sports disciplines use this remedy in anabolic androgenic steroid cycles. This is justified from the point of view that, acting as an active substance, mesterolone has the ability to reduce the level of SHBG. Due to this, not only the synergistic effect of the used anabolic-androgenic steroids is more pronounced, but also the concentration of free testosterone is increased. At the same time, the drug insignificantly affects the secretion of endogenous testosterone, moreover, in high doses it even inhibits it.

How to use Proviron during a cycle?

The most rational use seems to be the use of mesterolone during the cycle of anabolic androgenic steroids, which very significantly suppress the body's production of natural testosterone. These are steroids that tend to bind to progesterone receptors, such as nandrolone or trenbolone, as well as derivatives derived from them. Often people decide to use Proviron to have it as an aromatase inhibitor.The use of the drug as an antiestrogen is possible, but the effectiveness will be small. Taking into account the reviews of athletes, it is easy to conclude that with estrogenic side effects, such as the formation of female-type fat deposits, fluid retention, the development of gynecomastia, and others, Proviron cannot cope with the required level. . The price is not low.

In some cases, the drug is used as one of the components of post-cycle therapy required after the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids. Many athletes question the rationality of this use of Proviron. This does not contribute in any way to the restoration of the normal level of endogenous testosterone production.

Athletes who are engaged in bodybuilding at a professional level encounter the use of the drug at the stage of pre-competition training. This is done so that the musculature acquires impressive firmness and expressive relief for spectators and judges. Solo Proviron can also be used to strengthen erectile function and improve spermatogenesis. Many people who for some reason do not want to use powerful anabolic androgenic steroids use the drug Proviron. With his help, they manage to find seemingly attractive muscles, along the way using the antidepressant capabilities of the hormonal agent.

What about the administration?

We consider recommendations on the use of the drug in the cycle of anabolic steroids. It is recommended to use Proviron in the cycle, taking two steps a day, preferably after a meal. For men, a daily dose of 50 mg is considered optimal. Depending on the complexity of the steroid cycle and the individual characteristics of the body, it can be increased to 100 mg. Women use significantly lower doses of mesterolone, up to 25 mg.A further increase in the dose of the drug will not only not increase the effectiveness of the action, but will have the opposite effect.

Taking Proviron during the cycle, you can face an unpleasant situation when an erection is not only prolonged, but also uncomfortable, and also very painful. Athletes then decrease the applied dose of the drug or stop using it altogether.

Possible side effects of mesterolone

The use of the drug practically does not lead to side effects. Therefore, you can order Proviron without fear that the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis will be suppressed. For preventive purposes, men are recommended to periodically examine the state of the prostate gland.

Perhaps, due to the similarity of the drug with dihydrotestosterone, the development:
alopecia (male pattern baldness),
prostate hypertrophy.
In general, the safety of using Proviron is considered high.

Where can bodybuilders find Proviron for sale with worldwide shipping?

Athletes are recommended to buy Proviron from our online pharmacy for use in the cycle of anabolic steroids that strongly inhibit endogenous testosterone secretion. In this case, these steroid pills will help maintain a normal level of natural testosterone production.
Responding to questions about where it is preferable to buy Proviron, bodybuilders reply that it is advisable to only use our website because we only supply original anabolic steroids from the best manufacturers and we ship discreetly to all locations within Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Andorra . , Chile, United States and all over the world for 2 weeks. It is the safest way for beginners and advanced athletes.


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